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Welcome to Gonzalez, Revilla AND Associates

At Gonzalez Revilla and Associates, we successfully combine our years of experience with the best service and comprehensive legal advice, placing us among the leading law firms of lawyers in Panama.

Gonzalez Revilla and Associates is a Boutique Firm of specialized legal services in National and International Arbitration; formed by a select group of lawyers committed to their work with wide experience and recognition.

Our commitment is to give a personalized service with the highest quality and professional ethical standards, which are confidential, efficient and aim to results; for our clients to obtain the advantages of our experience, either like arbitrors or lawyers. We seek to work closely with the client, from the outset of the negotiation and drafting of the Arbitration Clause.

Established over 30 years ago by Maria Enriqueta Gonzalez Revilla and Bonifacio Diaz Fernandez (Q.E.P.D.), our firm provides services to major domestic and foreign companies, recognized since it’s founding among the most prestigious in the country.

Boutique Firm of Arbitration

Our concept in the provision of legal services, is a boutique specialized in domestic and international commercial arbitration, commercial and infrastructure litigation, corporate law, foreign trade, special tax regimes and international trade negotiations.

Arbitration practice includes the participation of its partners like lawyers of the parties, acting as arbitrators negotiators, experts, mediators and / or conciliators as well as their participation as experts in Panamanian law in numerous proceedings conducted under the rules of major institutions national and international arbitration, as well as ad-hoc arbitrations. We also advise our clients in obtaining injunctions, validity of the arbitration agreement, nullity and the recognition and enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Panama and abroad.

We also counsel our clients on how to get cautionary measures, effectiveness of the arbitration agreement, nullity, the recognition and enforcement of the arbitration award in Panama and abroad.

We seek to design the best strategies to successfully manage the issues in dispute and provide the best opportunities to celebrate satisfactory agreements in accordance with the objectives and needs of our represented. The fees are tailored to the needs of our customers and to the circumstances.

Being a specialized boutique firm we offer excellent quality services at affordable costs, providing the best value for legal services, under the scheme of a personalized and direct attention with our strategic partners: you, our customers.

International arbitration has become the usual way to solve international commercial conflicts. This process relies on international conventions such as the 1958 New York convention, which allows arbitration awards execution to be easier. With the success of the United Nations Model Law on International Trade, the countries have adopted modern and favorable laws on arbitration, which have encouraged the international development of itself.
The professionalism of the top arbitration institutions such as the International Chamber of Commerce, among others, and the true existence of a arbitral case law, facilitate the resources for arbitration, making it simpler and efficient.


It is a collaborative conflict management system can be applied in any field and seeks to open the channels of communication between the parties through the intervention of a qualified and impartial third party. Our firm has qualified staff that can act as mediators, both local and international affairs, all with extensive experience and expertise in the subject.

Dispute Boards

There are alternative methods of conflict management, through which a group of experts meet, preferably during the execution of a contract to timely solve possible disputes that may arise with enforcement and to avoid, among other things, the suspension of a work or performance of the contract.


It is the main methods for finding consensus on a dispute directly between those involved. We consider it as a strategic weapon to search together for solutions that benefit all parties involved and have been involved in multiple negotiations at the local, regional and global levels in different spans.


It is a collaborative conflict management process, through a professional and impartial third party, which focuses on the active search for the best solutions of the difference in partnership with the parties involved. Conciliators have experts who have managed various conflicts, both locally and internationally.

At Gonzalez Revilla and Associates we have lawyers specialized in different areas, able to effectively advise our clients and provide a service tailored to their needs; we represent both individuals and / or companies, national or foreign.

We have partnerships with other firms of national and international lawyers, allowing us to organize larger teams when issues of our customers require it.

Being a specialized firm, the costs are lower than those of the big firms, because we offer our customers excellence parameters fair professional fees and personalized attention from our partners.

Our Work Team

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